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Huffington Post – Voting Machine Report: States Ranked Based On Use Of Paper Ballots

The Hill – States ditch electronic voting machines

Time – How the U.S. Ended Up With Today’s Paper Ballots

Quartz – Electronic voting is failing the developing world while the US and Europe abandon it

Washington Post – Prince William converting to paper ballots for elections

Washington Post – A quarter of Americans will vote by electronic machine. Is that a problem?

Truth out – US Government Demands Hand-Count of “Paper Ballots” in Venezuelan Election, but Not Our Own

Electronic Frontier Foundation – Supreme Court of India – Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails Must Be Used

Pew – Aging Voting Machines Cost Local, State Governments

AP – Maryland goes back to paper ballots for primary election

Think Progress – Why Voting Machines Are About To Wreak Havoc On Another Election

Think Progress – U.S. Elections Aren’t Rigged, But They Are Vulnerable

Globe Gazette – State to require paper ballots

CBS – St. Louis City & County Voters Will Have to Use Paper Ballots

Portage County Switches From Touch-Screen to Paper Ballots

Salt Lake Tribune – Utah trying to decide how to run future elections — by mail, paper ballot or electronically

CBS – Paper Ballots Still Crucial To California’s Voting Process, Despite Online Push

N.C. reverts to paper ballots at big cost to counties

Start Saving Now: North Carolina Tells Counties They Will Need to Replace Voting Equipment – and Pay for It

Gov Tech – Texas Bill Would Require Voting Machine Paper Trail

Gov Tech – Travis County, TX Developing Electronic Voting System With a Paper Trail

Texas Tribune – Texas lawmakers mulling addition of paper backups to voting machines

Texas Tribune – Travis County Forges New Territory in Voting Machines

NPR – Why Worries About Paperless Voting Loom Larger This Year

Battleground state depends on 1980s voting machines

Mother Jones – Trump Says the Election Will Be Rigged. In These States, It May Be Impossible to Prove Him Wrong.

ARS Technica – Texas Supreme Court: no e-voting paper trail required

Des Moines Register – Paper ballots make Iowa elections hard to rig, auditors say

Travis County approves purchase of $8M paper-trail voting system

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