Why am I running for office?

Having viewed the websites and ideas of the other candidates I believe I can offer better non-partisan solutions.  I began reading the policies and comparing them to other U.S. cities, counties and states to be able to provide a comprehensive economic platform.

My primary goal is to help residents in Houston understand how the candidates positively influences their communities.

Secondly, I want to compare Houston to other cities and counties to find non-partisan solutions that would further economic development and quality of life for residents.

Last but not least, for Houston to remain competitive in a global market we must offer public services similar to other industrialized countries such as but not limited to: medicaid expansion, public banking, voting rights, free community college, paid maternity leave, paid sick leave and a tax code that is competitive but fair for working families.


Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for me for Texas state representative house district 127

I received 3,496 votes which comes out to 5.76% of the total vote


Thank you to everyone who supported me along the city council campaign trail and voted for me.

I received 11,333 votes which comes out to 6.3% of the total vote.

I also received more votes than 7 out of 13 mayoral candidates that had hundreds if not millions of dollars, one which was a presidential appointee to USAID.

At large 3 was the only race where no candidate signed the anti-middle-class local control pledge

Precinct analysis: At Large 3 and the At large 3 total vote

A – 6.05% and 835 votes
B – 8.17% and 1,251 votes
C – 4.65% and 1,409 votes
D – 7.04% and 1,367 votes
E – 5.33% and 1,217 votes
F – 9.92% and 819 votes
G – 3.87% and 1,069 votes
H – 8.10% and 925 votes
I – 9.83% and 953 votes
J – 8.36% and 492 votes
K – 6.56% and 989 votes