Texas Conservative Questionnaire

Do you support capping residential property tax appraisals at a maximum 5% increase per year?
No – See my page on appraisal caps

Do you support a requirement that the City not raise taxes without a super majority of at least 60% of City Council?
No – I support a simple majority. I would work to repeal this part of the Texas constitution. The fact that a small minority can hold a school, city and county budget ‘hostage’ is undemocratic and an un-funded, ‘big government’ mandate from the state legislature.

Do you support establishing a “Grace” type commission to identify ways for the City to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence and operating inefficiencies?
I am looking into this

Would you support entering an agreement with Harris County to build and/or maintain Houston streets if such an agreement were determined to be legal, practical and an improvement to the current system?
This is already happening and savings are minimal. A shared city-county public bank would save hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Do you support ending race and gender based affirmative action programs and replacing them with a need-based system?
No – They are one and the same. Most people who are poor are single mothers, people of color and children

Do you support the right of City Council members to add items to the City Council Agenda if approved by a majority of members?
Yes – please see my page on City Council

Do you support adopting a defined contribution pension plan for all new municipal employees, including police and fire fighters?
No – please see the page for Pensions

Do you support continuing the so-called Sanctuary City policy under which HPD officers are prohibited from inquiring into a person’s citizenship to determine if the person is in the country undocumented?
Please see my page on Sanctuary Cities

Do you support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance as passed by City Council?
Please see my page on discrimination.

Do you agree with the decision by the Texas Supreme Court requiring the City of Houston to place the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance on the November ballot?
Please see my page on Judicial Reform

Do you support the city’s feeding ordinance banning the charitable feeding of the homeless without prior written consent from City Hall?
Please see my page on Homelessness

Do you support lifting the city revenue cap which limits the growth in city revenues to the combined rates of inflation and population growth?
Yes – Please see my page on TABOR. Since the city of Houston amended their charter in 2015 for city council members, the next time the city is legally allowed to amend their charter is in 2017 per the Texas constitution. As an elected official I would work to repeal this “big government” unfunded mandate.

Do you support changing HPD policy to require two officers in every patrol car?
I am looking into this

Would you support the elimination or sun setting of tax increment reinvestment zones (TIRZs) in areas that are not economically disadvantaged?
I support a full elimination of Tax-Increment Financing

Have you voted in any of the last three Republican Primary elections?
I voted in the 2010 republican primary – I voted for Kay Bailey Kutchison

Have you voted in any of the last three Democrat Primary elections?

Do you support zero-based budgeting, which would require city departments to justify their budgets on an annual basis?
Zero based budgeting doesn’t take into account inflation, hurricanes, flooding, cost of living for city employees, etc.

Would you support a budget amendment requiring that all revenues above projected levels be used to pay down debt?

Do you support the right of ride-share companies to compete with existing taxi cab companies and, if so, will you advocate for regulation conducive to that purpose?
Yes – They could pay the same taxes, fees and follow the same rules as taxi cab companies.


Harris County Democrat Questionnaire

Are you using your campaign as an opportunity to educate voters regarding the requirements of the Texas voter photo ID bill?
Please see my page on Voter ID

Do you support age appropriate health/sex education in public schools/after-school programs as an effort to reduce underage sex interaction, teen pregnancies, and the transmission of STDs?

Do you support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in its current form as a means to report and resolve issues of discrimination within the City of Houston?
Please see my page on discrimination

If elected, would you support increased funding to spay-neuter programs and public education on the topic?
Yes – The city and county currently waste taxpayer money exporting 4,000 animals out of the state. Banning puppy mills like 200+ US cities would save taxpayers money and reduce the need for expanded BARC facilities

Are you willing to work with other council members, elected officials, community organizations, and advocacy groups to address the problem of food deserts within Houston?

  • Please see my page on Cooperatives
  • Replicate the Minneapolis healthy corner store program
  • Waive a permitting requirement for urban farmers similar to Oakland

If elected, would your office actively engage the Houston delegation to Austin to have TCEQ work on better air quality standards for the Houston-area?
Yes. I would also propose a revenue neutral carbon tax to replace a state income tax or the current sales tax if possible

If elected, would your office actively work with the Houston delegation to Austin to find ways to reign in the dangers of predatory lending through payday and title loan companies?
Yes – please see my page on payday loans

If elected, would you support a city ordinance addressing wage theft that sanctions companies that deny workers’ pay to which they are entitled?
Yes – please see my page on wage theft

Are you supportive of the current means with which the Rebuild Houston program is categorizing “worst first” for infrastructure repair.
No – I support a full repeal of the entire program Rebuild Houston program. We should use a municipal Public Bank to finance all infrastructure and public safety.

Currently over 25% of residents in Harris County are uninsured. Would you use your office as a means to inform citizens about the options for open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act?
Yes – But I do not support ACA.  I also support state run buy-into-medicaid program

Do you belong to any group, club or organization which limits membership, discriminates in policy or practice or conditions the treatment and/or services of guests/clients on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification or national origin?
Not that I know of.



What are your priorities in City government? Please list them in order of importance.

Our hope is to win. Our goal is to make city and county leadership look lazy and stupid with hundreds of pages of ideas.

What specific plans, proposals and/or initiatives do you propose that your office and/or the City of Houston could undertake to promote economic development, specifically attracting good jobs with good benefits to Houston?

What are your views on METRO? Please include your position on rail, bus routes, park & ride, connectors, transit centers and any areas of agreement or disagreement that you may have with METRO’s current direction.
I currently agree with the expansion of light rail and I would like to see it reach both airports.
I also support rapid bus transit.

Is the present budget adequate to serve the City? If not what would you propose?
No, the present city budget is not adequate.
TABOR (revenue cap) is returning roughly $12.27 per year, per $200k home. This is very bureaucratic and wastes taxpayers money.

Should the City institute and enforce a stronger Fire and Building Codes?
I am looking into this

State your position on Collective Bargaining for Public Employees.
I support collective bargaining for public and private sector employees

Do you support Federal and State laws that permit workers to organize unions and engage in Collective Bargaining with their employers?
Yes, I support laws that permit workers to organize unions and engage in collective bargaining with employers

Do you support the rights of workers, both under Federal and State laws to organize unions and engage in Collective Bargaining with their employers?

What is your position on the use of the U.S. Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Rates on Public Work projects on public works projects? Explain.
I support the prevailing wage

What City department enforces the prevailing wage rates on Public Works Projects?
I am looking into this

What should the role of the Police Department be during strikes and union organizing efforts?
I am looking into this

What is your position on the appointment of appropriate union representatives to various board, commissions and committees serving the City, i.e., METRO, the Harris County Houston Sports Authority, Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board or other Boards?
I am looking into this

What is your position on the appointment of a representative from the Labor movement to the Port Commission?
I am looking into this

Will you support voluntary payroll union dues deduction for employees?

Will you support voluntary payroll political deductions of employees?

Do you support the current Texas law that permits “Meet and Confer” Collective Bargaining for City of Houston Municipal Employees?
I am looking into this as well, and comparing Texas to other states to make sure City of Houston taxpayers and employees are receiving the best benefits.

The City of Houston, by action of Houston City Council, has duly recognized the Houston Organization for Public Employees – HOPE for the purposes of bargaining a contract for Municipal employees. Do you support this recognition and the contract?
Yes – But as a former employee of HOPE I think their decade-long leadership is outdated and doesn’t understand the needs of current employees and nor do they have any 21st century solutions.

Which of the following compensation methods or combinations would you support for City employees?
Across-the-board cost of living increases with a minimum across-the-board amounts for the lower paid employees.
I am looking into this

Merit pay
I am looking into this

Benefits (health insurance, disability, sick leave, pension)

Yearly salary step schedules
I am looking into this

Would you support an across-the-board departmental consistency as applied to Municipal personnel in regards to training opportunities, succession planning, incentives and pay?
I am looking into this

Will you support a reduction of any other present employee benefits?
No, I do not support a reduction of present employee benefits. We must repeal TABOR, create a  Public Bank, reform Tax Increment Financing and lobby the legislature to close sales tax and property tax loopholes

What will you do to encourage or mandate that the Administration engages in fair employment and promotional practices for women, minorities and the handicapped?
I will make sure the administration follows city, state and federal labor practices.

Do you favor a strong “Whistle Blower Policy?” in the form of an ordinance?
I support a policy that allows for whistle blowers

What areas, if any, could be merged between City and County governments?
I would, although public banking is a better solution for both the city and county.

What is your position on “contracting out” or “privatization” of city services presently provided by the City? What is your view on the “competitive bidding” process as sometimes used in conjunction with privatization? What about the possible loss of jobs and benefits by City workers? Explain.
I am still looking into this, but from what I have researched there is no overall benefit to privatization for city employees or taxpayers.

Would you support a Policy that requires strong internal audit oversight on all privatization contracts that measures costs, profits and quality of work compared to in-house alternatives? Explain.

What is your position on enforcement provisions in City contracts that ensure that workers receive contracted wages and benefits, state and federal payroll tax deductions, workers compensation coverage? What City department should enforce these contractual provisions?
I am looking into this

What are your views on joint Union labor/management programs to increase efficiency and to reduce waste?
Should they be encouraged or discouraged? Explain.
I am looking into this

Would you support an ordinance that would require that any company that benefits from city taxpayer dollars (city contracts, lease agreements, tax abatement’s or any other subsidy) pay its employees at least a livable minimum wage and provide health insurance and pension benefits to its employees?
Yes – I would require that any company that benefits from taxpayer dollars pay their employees at least a $15 an hour minimum wage and provide paid sick leave

Would you support a policy that City of Houston RFP’s for contract services include a Labor Neutrality agreement for their employees who provides services to the general public?
I am looking into this

Recently, voters approved Re-Build Houston (pay-as-you-go) street/drainage projects for the City. Would you support the payment of living wages and benefits, community employment and training as a requirement for City contractors for the duration of the projects?
I do not support rebuild Houston. I believe the entire program should be repealed and replaced with a municipal public bank, similar to North Dakota.

What are your views on the Pension Plans covering employees of the City of Houston in regards to classification of plans per employee group, obligation (promises’ made), solvency, changes or modifications, funding, long-term viability, and specific proposals that you may advocate. Explain in full.
Please see my ‘pension’ page for more information

What are your views on the City’s policies of Affirmative Action, MWBE, DB set asides and percentage requirements for City vendors?
I am looking into this

What is your position on the HERO – Houston Equal Rights Ordinance – that was passed by City Council?
Please see my page – discrimination


Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Action Fund

Family Planning   In the United States, half of pregnancies are unintended and half of all unintended pregnancies end in abortion.  Making contraceptive care and counseling more readily accessible to women and families is a major step in reducing the rate of unintended pregnancies and thereby reducing the need for abortion.  In Harris County, less than half of women eligible for subsidized family planning services have access to care.

1.  Do you support providing all FDA-approved methods of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted infections at City Health Clinics?

2.  Do you support public funding for family planning services to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections?

Health Care and Safety Net Providers
Texas has the highest rate of uninsured adults and children in the country.  Each year, Planned Parenthood provides high quality, affordable preventive medical care and education programs and services to tens of thousands of individuals in Houston – many of whom don’t have primary care or who cannot afford private medical providers.  We also offer reproductive and sexual health training and educational services to hundreds of health, human services and education professionals from private and public community-based organizations.
Planned Parenthood health centers are part of an important network of women’s health care providers, including local health departments, hospital outpatient clinics and independent family planning clinics that serve as a critical entry point into the health care system for millions of women across the county.  It is critical that we protect patients’ access to essential community providers like Planned Parenthood, who provide quality and affordable health services with efficiency.

3.  Would you support the City contracting with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast on specific projects or services that serve the City’s residents?
( 1 ) As long as it follows state and federal laws
( 2 ) Is the most competitive bid out of 3

4.  Would you help ensure that safety net providers like Planned Parenthood continue to work in coordination with the local health departments as part of the vital women’s health care delivery system?

Abortion Rights
Planned Parenthood trusts women as moral decision-makers and believes that the decision whether and when to bear a child is the personal decision of the woman in consultation with her medical professional.  It is the policy of Planned Parenthood to ensure that women have the right to seek and obtain medically safe, legal abortions under the standards set forth by the United States Supreme Court.

5. Do you support a woman’s right to choose safe, legal abortion as set out in Roe v. Wade?

Yes – I have known women that have had an abortion. I cannot begin to fathom the physical and emotional stress that goes with making that decision.

For those against abortion, I believe there are many practical solutions I can think of at the moment:

(1) Offer evidence-based sex education in public schools

(2) United States Supreme Court and Texas Supreme Court Reform

(3) Don’t let men vote on women’s healthcare and reproductive services.

(4) Create a state-wide paid family leave for all workers

(5) Create a state single payer health care system

(6) Allow birth control to be sold over the counter

Planned Parenthood has protesters 5-6 days per week because of the services we provide to our community.  There are municipal ordinances relating to trespassing, blocking streets, sidewalks, driveways, and managing protests, but are often hard to enforce.  In some areas of the United States, additional ordinances have been passed to more clearly define behaviors that affect public safety.

6.  Do you support ordinances and laws protecting health clinics, their clients, volunteers and staff to ensure public safety?

Teen Pregnancy
Texas has the 3rd highest teen pregnancy rate, the 5th highest teen birth rate and the highest repeat teen birth rate in the country.  Studies show that teen parents don’t finish high school, their earning potential is significantly limited and so are the prospects for their children.  Planned Parenthood supports comprehensive, evidence-based sex education programs and believes that teens need access to information that will help them make responsible decisions about their health.  Comprehensive sex education teaches abstinence as the only certain way to avoid pregnancy and STIs; encourages family communication about sexuality; and teaches skills for making responsible decisions about sex, including how to avoid unwanted verbal, physical, and sexual advances and how not to make unwanted verbal, physical, and sexual advances.

7.  Do you support evidence-based sex education in public schools?

8. In the event the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Action Fund, Inc. Board of Directors decides to endorse you in the election, will you accept the endorsement?


Harris County Republic Party – Questionnaire

Do you Support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance
Please see my page on Non Discrimination Ordinance

Do you support local control of city pensions
Please see my page on Pensions

Do you support ending any Houston “sanctuary city” policy that restricts law enforcement from making immigration status inquiries of people they stop or arrest.
Please see my page on Sanctuary City.

Do you support maintaining the City of Houston Revenue Cap?
Please see my page on TABOR

Do you support repealing the Houston “drainage fee” ?
Please see my page on Rebuild Houston

Do you support amending current City of Houston term limits from three 2-year terms to two 4-year terms?
Please see my page on City Council

Voting history
I voted in the 2010 republican primary – I voted for Kay Bailey Kutchison


Bike Houston Candidate Questionnaire, Background Information:

Bike Houston is the nonprofit bicycle advocacy organization working in the Houston region. Our mission is to make Houston a more bike-friendly city. Our work focuses on building safer streets and trails, educating all road users, and enforcing existing laws which protect cyclists lives.

Ranking questions: please rank your support of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being “strongly agree” and one being “strongly disagree”:

I agree with Mayor Parker’s Complete Streets Executive Order and I will work to institutionalize and implement it. Complete streets are designed and built taking into account the needs of users of all ages and ability levels and work for people in cars, on bicycles, transit, or on foot. Mayor Parker has issued an executive order directing city departments to incorporate complete streets concepts in all transportation projects. (
I am looking into this, but I believe that participatory budgeting could be used for bicycle and pedestrian development.  I would also like to see the continued involvement of government, private sector and non-profits within the scope of participatory budgeting.

I support implementation of Vision Zero policies–including changes to engineering, enforcement, and education–across city departments. Please see information on Vision Zero in the introductory text.
Increasing the number of people riding bicycles will be a priority during my term and will be reflected in the city’s budget and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
5 – Offering transportation options is vital to voters and any growing city such as Houston. As I have stated before, for city programs to work for voters we must repeal TABOR and reform TIF’s. Furthermore, capital projects are not done in a fair and transparent manner, some districts get more money and others little to none.

I will increase financial and personnel commitment to road safety as part of a plan to make Houston more bicycle friendly.
Long answer: Please limit your answer to the following questions to 600 characters or less.
Yes – This falls under using public banking to fund public infrastructure and police.

How often do you bicycle, walk or use public transportation to travel around the city of Houston? What are the biggest challenges faced by people who use alternatives to driving their own cars or trucks to get around Houston?
I own two bicycles. The continued development of light rail and buses with accommodations for bicyclists is important.
Due to issues like climate change, urban planning and energy I believe we will begin to see cities, nationally and internationally, plan based on pedestrians and bicyclists instead of cars.

Have you been involved in any efforts to promote cycling or improve safety for bicyclists? Please explain.

What are some of the key steps you would take to make Houston a more bicycle friendly city?
Please see my webpage.

How will you work to ensure effective enforcement of the Vulnerable Road Users Act, which establishes three feet as the minimum safe-passing distance for people on bicycles and other vulnerable users?
I am looking into this

Describe how you would support the implementation of the Houston Bike Plan, including what budgetary or policy commitments you would make to achieving yearly milestones.
I am looking into this


Empower Texans Questionnaire

I oppose all new taxes and fees. I also oppose any increase of an existing tax or fee.

Agree _____                       Disagree __X___

I am aware that Texas has thousands of local taxing entities throughout the state, and that Texas taxpayers currently bear the 14th highest property tax burdens in the nation. I oppose the creation of any new local taxing entity or special-purpose taxing district.

Agree _____                       Disagree __X___

I believe that the property tax system in Texas is in need of reform.

Agree __X___                       Disagree _____

I believe that taxing “business” and “industrial personal property” is an onerous weight on small businesses, and that since businesses already pay a tax on their real estate, these assets critical to economic growth should be exempted from the property tax.

Agree _____                       Disagree __X___

Beyond the preservation of a responsibly funded reserve fund, I support using a revenue surplus to pay down any outstanding debt when applicable. Any further remaining surplus should be given back to taxpayers in the form of tax relief or rebates.

Agree _____                       Disagree ___X__

I believe any notices required by state law, including tax increases/ratifications or public meetings, should be posted consistently on the respective entity’s website and made easily accessible.

Agree ___X__                       Disagree _____

I believe cities, counties, and school districts should post their financial statements, budgets, respective check registers and credit card statements online for public viewing.

Agree __X___                       Disagree _____

I believe voter participation keeps elected officials accountable and promotes good governance. I also believe that voter participation should be increased by holding all local elections for public office on the same day as the state’s uniform election date in November.

I believe the election date for school boards and municipalities should be set by the local voters.

In order to promote transparency and to practice good governance, I believe cities, counties, school boards and other local taxing entities seeking to pass tax ratification’s or bond packages should set their elections on same day as the state’s uniform election date in November.

I believe the election date for school boards and municipalities should be set by the local voters.

I believe municipal and school board elections should allow for ballot declarations of party/independent affiliation.

Agree _____                       Disagree ___X__

I am aware that, among the ten largest states, Texas is 2nd only to New York in local debt per capita, and believe the use of financing major local spending projects with bonds must be curtailed.

The reason municipal debt is so high in Texas is because state legislature continues to cut state taxes for the 1% while passing unfunded mandates onto cities and counties.

When offering bond proposals, I believe local government entities should voluntarily make clear in all communications to voters what voters are deciding on, what their debt obligation is (including interest expense), the total debt being carried by the governmental body asking for new funding, and any additional tax increase that can be expected as result of the bond.

Agree __X___                       Disagree _____

I believe that all local entities and political subdivisions calling a bond election should disclose in the proposition language on the ballot, the total cost of the bond (including principal and the projected interest expense) and any additional tax increase that can be expected as a result of the bond.

Agree __X___                       Disagree _____

I believe that all local entities and political subdivisions calling a bond election should disclose on the ballot, the total current debt liability of the entity asking for new funding (including interest liability).

The problem isn’t the total debt. The real problems are the interest rates within the wall street bonds. Public banking will enable municipalities to self-finance infrastructure with no fee, low interest loans.

I believe Capital Appreciation Bonds, by putting off paying the principal until the maturity date, is irresponsible and may result in doubling the original cost of a project with compound interest. I believe CAB’s and other non-traditional debt instruments are dangerous, deceptive, and should never be used in any circumstance.I believe that local governments should only use traditional debt instruments to finance local projects; instruments that do not delay or accrue principal or interest payments over time, but have fixed interest obligations and amortization schedules.I believe local government entities should not increase spending from one budgetary cycle to the next beyond the rate of growth of population and inflation.

I believe local government entities should enact spending limits to prevent government growth beyond the rate of growth of population and inflation, and obtain voter approval to exceed the limit.

I believe local government entities should enact taxing limits, and obtain voter approval to exceed the limit.
DisagreeI believe that all political subdivisions should adopt zero-based budgeting practices that would require internal departments to reevaluate existing expenditure levels, to determine their propriety and effectiveness, and identify where existing resources can be re-prioritized.
Disagree – ZBB (Zero Based Budgeting) should be done by the department heads. ZBB on items over $50,000 that make up 0.00001% is a waste of time for city council members and money for taxpayers.

I believe that political subdivisions should not use public funds to pay dues or fees to third party organizations that lobby members of the Texas Legislature, especially those that exist to preserve or expand the authority of local governments.
I am looking into this – But this question is misleading and too vague

I believe that political subdivisions should be prohibited from using public funds to directly hire lobbyists to influence members of the Texas Legislature.
Disagree – The Texas Municipal League is an organization that advocates on behalf of middle class Texans

I believe that elected officials and government employees should be required to publicly disclose conflicts of interest they have with any government entity in which they or their family has a financial interest, including any and all existing government contracts they hold.

I believe that political subdivisions should not pass ordinances in conflict with state law, including the Texas State Constitution.
I disagree, Texas cities should be able to set their own minimum wage, paid leave and plastic bag ordinances.

I believe that governments are instituted to secure the liberties and rights of the people, not to usurp them. Public officials elected to advance the interests of taxpayers and residents should limit the power and scope of governmental power, not to expand it.
This question is misleading and too vague

I support free markets and believe any use of tax dollars on “incentive programs” is nothing more than corporate welfare and should be opposed in any form.
I am looking into this

I am aware that local taxing entities have the power to issue “Certificates of Obligation” to leverage long-term debt secured by ad valorem taxes. I am also aware that taxpayers’ only method to stop the issuance of a Certificate of Obligation is to submit a petition signed by 5% of total voters prior to the passage of the local ordinance authorizing it. I believe this is no different than issuing bonds without voter approval, is an abuse of taxpayers, and oppose the use of CO’s in any circumstance.
I am looking into this

I believe that all funds available for transportation projects should be spent only on the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, vehicle bridges, and other projects that reduce roadway congestion.
I am looking into this

I believe that local governments should expand government-run passenger rail service.
Most countries already do this

I believe that government-run passenger rail is not an economical substitute for automobile-related roadway expansion. Efforts to expand rail service should be privately funded, not subsidized by taxpayers from any level of government.
I believe that government-run passenger rail and public-private partnership is possible

I believe that regional governments should be stripped of all policy-making authority, and that all governing authority be restored to city and county officials directly elected to their position by voters.
I am looking into this

I oppose all local ordinances imposing nanny-state regulations, such as bans on plastic/paper bags, smoking in private businesses, cell phone use while driving, cooking with trans fats, or limits on salty or sugary foods and drinks.
Most and/or all US cities already have these laws on the books

I oppose the use of tax dollars to subsidize the construction and operations of private sports venues, or a sub-division of a state-level government entity such as a medical school managed by a state university.
Please see my page on Stadiums

I believe red light cameras rob citizens of their right to due process of law, and oppose contracting with a private red light camera operator for any percentage of revenue collected from related citations issued.
This has already been decided

I oppose the creation of a city or countywide pre-K program funded with sales taxes. I believe public education is best managed by independent school districts.
San Antonio and New York City have a city wide Pre-k. Please see my page on Pre K

I oppose any local government entity contracting with a private company for labor in order to circumvent state laws banning public entities from entering collective bargaining agreements.
I am looking into this

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