About Me

Interview for State Representative – KPFT 90.1 FM (audio)


Who am I?

I was born on June 3, 1981 in Connecticut. Due to the nature of my families work we moved to different cities in in the following order: Hartford, San Francisco, Houston (1984), Hartford, London, Amsterdam, Wilmington(DE) and ultimately re-settled in Houston in 1994 where I attended Humble High School.

After high school I attended Lone Star Community College and Texas A&M University.  After two years I transferred to Prescott College and received my B.A. in Latin America Studies and Spanish. During my studies I had the privilege to study and live in the following countries: Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela. Ultimately these experiences influenced my decision to join the U.S. Peace Corps where I was assigned to serve in the Dominican Republic.

I moved back to Houston in the summer of 2009 and have continued my professional career which has been a combination of nonprofit, public and private sector. The nonprofit has focused on youth development and fundraising while my private sector work was in the transportation industry. I have a 4 year old daughter and enjoy spending time with her at the zoo, children’s museum and other outdoor activities.


Why am I running for Texas House District 127?

Having viewed the websites and ideas of the other 182 Texas state legislators I believe I can offer better non-partisan solutions for the state of Texas.  I began reading the state budget, constitution and comparing them to other U.S. states to be able to provide a comprehensive economic platform.

My primary goal in this race to help residents in house district 127 understand how the state legislature positively influences their communities.

Secondly, I want to compare Texas to other U.S. states and other countries to find non-partisan solutions that would further economic development and quality of life for Texans.

Last but not least, for Texas to remain competitive in a global market we must offer public services similar to other industrialized countries such as but not limited to: texas single-payer healthcare, public banking, voting rights, free community college, paid maternity leave, paid sick leave and a tax code that is competitive but fair for working families.