Why Tuesday?

Election day
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Purple: Sunday (46 countries)

Pink: Multiple Days

Red: Monday (4 countries)

Orange: Tuesday (3 countries: Denmark, Israel and the USA)

Yellow: Wednesday (4 countries)

Green: Thursday (2 countries)

Blue: Friday (2 countries)

Navy: Saturday (9 countries)


Why do we vote on Tuesday’s?

Just because we’ve been doing the same thing for a hundred years doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace change.

Every wonder why we vote on Tuesdays?  The answer lies with America’s 19th-century farmers. Americans first began the custom of weekday voting in 1845 when Congress passed a federal law designating the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November as Election Day.

We were an agrarian society. We traveled by horse and buggy. Farmers needed a day to get to the county seat, a day to vote, and a day to get back, without interfering with the three days of worship. So that left Tuesday and Wednesday, but Wednesday was market day. So, Tuesday it was.

That was then. Today we are an urban society, and we all know how hard it is to commute to our jobs, take care of the children, and get our work done, let alone stand in line to vote. Indeed, Census data over the last decade clearly indicates that the inconvenience of voting is the primary reason Americans are not participating in our elections. Only 41% did in the Alabama Primary March 1 and that was a record.


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