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A total of 36 states have passed laws requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls. 33 of these voter identification laws are in force in 2016. Laws in Arkansas, Missouri and Pennsylvania laws have been struck down in their states. Scroll over the map below for state-by state details.

The remaining 17 states use other methods to verify the identity of voters. Most frequently, other identifying information provided at the polling place, such as a signature, is checked against information on file.
NCSL – Voter ID Laws



Voter fraud is most often invoked as a substantial problem in order to justify particular election policies. Chief among these is the proposal that individuals be required to show photo ID in order to vote – a policy that disenfranchises up to 10% of eligible citizens. But the only misconduct that photo ID addresses is the kind of voter fraud that happens as infrequently as death by lightning.

Therefore, it suits those who prefer photo ID as a policy to lump as much misconduct in with “voter fraud” as possible, to create the impression that the problem is far more significant than it actually is. Moreover, to the extent photo ID is suggested as a solution to the perception that voter fraud occurs, it behooves those who prefer photo ID to reinforce the unsubstantiated perception that voter fraud exists.
Brennan Center – Policy Brief on the Truth About “Voter Fraud”


  • Repeal the requirement that voters must have a photo i.d. to vote


Texas Constitution
Code – Election Code
Chapter – 63 Accepting Voter


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