Tipped Wage


18 states use the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13. There are 32 states and D.C. that have a tipped minimum wage above the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13.

Tipped workers are paid the regular minimum wage in 8 states (i.e., there is no tipped minimum wage).

There are 24 states and D.C. that have a tipped minimum between the federal $2.13 and the regular state minimum wage.
Economic Policy Insitute – Tipped Wage Tracker

Because of preemption of minimum wage in 2003. Cities in Texas are denied the ability to determine their own wages.

We believe there should be other means to helping poor and middle class families living in the city of Houston.


  • Make the republicans in the Texas legislature look ridiculous by tying the current tipped wage of $2.13 to inflation. This roughly comes out to a 5 cent raise every year
  • Amend the Texas constitution and let cities set tipped wage


Texas Constitution
Code – Labor
Chapter – 62 Minimum Wage
Section – 62.0515 Application of Minimum Wage to Certain Government Entities; Certain Agreements with Governmental Entities

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tipped wage calculation


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