State Term Limits

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Term limits may be divided into 2 broad categories: consecutive and lifetime. With consecutive term limits, a legislator is limited to serving a particular number of years in a chamber. Upon hitting the limit in one chamber, a legislator may run for election to the other chamber or leave the legislature. After a set period of time (usually 2 years), the clock resets on the limit, and the legislator may run for election to his/her original seat and serve up to the limit again.

With lifetime limits, on the other hand, once a legislator has served up to the limit, she/he may never again run for election to that office. Lifetime limits are much more restrictive than consecutive limits.”



  • Term limits for governor, 2 terms for 8 years total
  • State representatives serve 4 terms for 8 years total.
  • State senators serve 2 terms for 8 years total
  • Roughly 20 states have lower unemployment than Texas, only 7 of them have term limits.


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