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5 states fund their paid family leave through employee-paid payroll taxes and are administered through their respective disability programs:

California, Washington, Rhode Island,  New Jersey and New York

12 states have created state un-paid versions of family leave or maternity leave:

Oregon, Montana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Tennessee


  • Only 12% of U.S. private sector workers have access to paid family leave through their employer.
  • The federal family leave act only covers employers with 50+ employees within a 75 mile radius


  • Create county-wide paid family leave program for workers who have worked at least 30+ hours a week in businesses with 10+ employees to take up to 4 weeks of paid job-protected family leave annually after 6 months of employment similar to Washington D.C.
  • Create state-wide paid family leave with benefit and job protection similar to New Jersey which provides 6 weeks of leave with 60% of your salary for only $26 a year paid by employees. The program would be managed by Texas workforce commission.
  • Pass a law requiring companies with 10+ employees to provide 6 weeks of unpaid family leave to workers who have worked at least 30+ hours a week after 6 months of employment
  • Paid family leave reduces the need for nursing home use and saves states money on medicaid


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