Sex Work

prostitution laws worldwide
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  • Sex work is a public health and economic issue and should be treated as such
  • Sex work diversion programs do not solve the underlying issue of poverty
  • Texas is the only state where sex workers are charged with a felony


  • Amend the Texas constitution so that  sex workers are convicted of a felony upon the 6th offense
  • illegal to pay for sex but not to offer the service (client commits crime, sex worker doesn’t)
  • sex work is legal, but brothels are illegal; sex work is not regulated
  • sex work is legal and regulated
  • Prohibit sex work for people under the age of 21
  • Prohibit the use of condoms as evidence against supposed sex workers
  • Pass raise the wage ordinances and laws to reduce the need for sex work

Texas Constitution
Code – Penal Code
Chapter – 43 Public Indecency

Code – Health and Safety Code
Chapter – 169 First Offender Prostitution Prevention Program

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