School Vouchers

school vouchers
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A “voucher” is any scheme by which the state, directly or indirectly, diverts funds from its coffers, or uses money that the state would otherwise collect in taxes, to subsidize private schools. Educational and school vouchers are taxpayer-funded subsidies used for private schooling or services with limited or no accountability to taxpayers.
Raise Your Hand Texas – Vouchers and Neo Vouchers


Myth vs Reality
“Vouchers are taxpayer funded subsidies for private schools with no accountability and restrictive admissions policies. Private and religious schools are not required to comply with statewide academic standards, open record laws, or the state accountability system. Unlike public schools, private schools have no obligation to serve students with disabilities or other learning needs.”
TFN – School Vouchers – Not Good for Kids, Not Good for Texas

“Because they are private schools, voucher schools have limited public accountability and operate under different rules than public schools. For instance, voucher schools do not have to follow the state’s open meetings and records law. They do not have to provide information on staff qualifications, student suspensions and expulsions, graduation rates, and so forth to the public. Their meetings are not open to the public.”
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Texas already has a parent trigger and we believe this is sufficient enough to hold public schools and educators accountable

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