School Related Parental Leave

School Related Parental Leave
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Only 10 states plus Washington D.C. have laws requiring private sector employers provide paid leave for school related activities for dependents.

We believe that this is a policy worth considering at the municipal and state levels



 California  40 hrs per year
 Colorado  18 hrs per year
 D.C.  24 hrs per year
 Illinois  8 hrs per year
Louisiana 16 hrs per year
 Massachusetts  24 hrs per year
 Minnesota  16 hrs per year
 Nevada  N/A
 North Carolina  4 hrs per year
 Rhode Island  10hrs per year
 Vermont  24 hrs per year

Total: 184 hrs / by 11 States = 16hrs per year for Texas


California: Work and Family Coalition – When It Comes to California’s Parental Leave Laws, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Washington Monthly – Connecticut Considers Bill to Allow Parental Leave for School Activities



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