School Finance

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Texas depends on property tax revenue to provide services like education and healthcare to its residents. This form of revenue has its advantages and disadvantages as we have seen in the past and are currently experiencing.

There are several solutions that we can adopt to buffer Texas from property tax, sales tax and volatile gas prices that are already being using by the majority of U.S. states and several industrialized countries.


  • Close corporate loopholes in the state sales tax
  • Reallocate some of the $800 million wasted on border security
  • Most affluent school districts use bonds to avoid the recapture process. We propose creating a state public bank to finance school infrastructure
  • The Gas Tax hasn’t risen since 1991 and would need to use a variable rate similar to other states since it funds 25% of the Permanent School Fund
  • Pre trial reform could save the state of Texas roughly $100 to $200 million annually
  • Reform the cost of education index that has not been updated since 1981


Texas Constitution
Code – Education Code
Chapter – 41 Equalized Wealth Level
Section – 41.02 Equalized Wealth Level
Chapter – 42 Foundation School Program
Section – 42.102 Cost of Education Adjustment

Code – Texas constitution
Article – 7 Education
Section – 5 Permanent School Fund; Available School Fund; Use of Funds; Distribution of Available School Fund
Section – 7.3 (a)(b) Taxes for Benefit of Schools; School Districts
Section – 19 Texas Tomorrow Fund

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