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There are many cities such as San Antonio, Denver, New York City, etc with pre-k programs. The funding is a combination of federal, state, philanthropy and local tax revenue (lottery, sales).

Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma are the three states in the US with some form of universal pre-k.

San Antonio currently has city wide Pre-k that is funded by a 1/8 cent sales tax and has a budget of $36.5 million for FY 2015
San Antonio Pre-k Funding


Texas currently funds a half-day (3-hour) public school pre kindergarten program for 4-year-olds who are:

  • Economically Disadvantaged
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Children of Military
  • In Foster Care
  • Homeless

Research shows these students, who have the most to gain, receive the greatest benefit in terms of early learning from enrollment in a full-day, educationally focused pre-k program. High-quality pre-k can close early learning gaps and give each child an equal opportunity to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Texas currently enrolls roughly 230,000 students in public school pre-k. While Texas is one of the largest and most accessed public pre-k programs in the country, it ranks 29th in state pre-k spending nationally and meets only minimal quality standards as defined by national early childhood education experts.
Raise Your Hand Texas – Pre K in Texas


  • We propose a full day (9-5) of pre kindergarten for Texas residents.
  • Create a city or county pre kindergarten program similar to San Antonio and Shelby County and other U.S. cities but funded with a higher Hotel Occupancy Fee
  • Close corporate loopholes in the state sales tax
  • Reallocate some of the $800 million wasted on border security
  • Create a city or state Public Bank to fund free pre kindergarten
  • Reform the Gas Tax to fund free state-wide pre kindergarten
  • Create a count-wide pre k system modeled after other US counties. Homes valued at $250k would pay an extra $20 a year in property taxes
  • Create a state-wide pre k system modeled after other provinces in Canada
  • Create a city-wide pre k program similar to the city of seattle would cost a median home owner roughly $20 a month
  • Create a city or county pre k program similar to the city of denver for 4 year olds, funded by a 15 cent sales tax on items over $100

Texas Constitution
Code – Education Code
Chapter – 41 Equalized Wealth Level
Chapter – 42 Foundation School Program

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