The U.S. does not have a pension crisis and although there may be some areas where we can consolidate government services and save taxpayers money. These items are the main reasons for the “pensions crisis” (1) Politicians playing games with pensions and taxpayer money (2) For-profit health insurance (3) Using outdated, arbitrary laws like appraisal caps and revenue caps that have corporate loopholes (4) Tax-Increment Financing (5) No Individual Income Tax on earnings over $500,000 (6) Moody’s [for-profit] evaluations of pension liabilities and their greed to turn them into 401k’s (7) 2001 and 2008 Recessions (8) Lack of medicaid expansion

We do not support changing defined-benefit pensions to 401k because (1) Transitioning from defined-benefit to 401k is very expensive for taxpayers (2) Many communities and small business owners nationwide are dependent on retirees and their pensions for economic development. (3) Changing defined benefit pensions to 401k would require increasing public employee pay to match the private sector, this does not solve city budgets.


  • Close the billions of dollars in sales tax loopholes

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