Parent Trigger

parent trigger
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School Qualifying for Parent Trigger:
Schools with three consecutive years of low-performance after the Commissioner of Education has reconstituted the school are subject to parent trigger.

Parent Trigger Options:
Designating alternative management, including converting to a charter. Re-purposing, with a comprehensive district plan to replace the principal and all teaching staff except proven high-performers. Closing the school.

Petition Approval Process:
The local board of education may recommend an alternate of the sanctioned interventions, in which case the Commissioner decides which to implement.
Raise Your Hand Texas – Parent Trigger Laws: Is the Game Worth the Candle



Texas Constitution
Code – Education Code
Chapter 39 – Public School System Accountability
Section 39.107 (e1) – Campus Turn Around Plan, Board of Manager, Alternative Management and Closure
Section 39.1071 – Transition Intervention and Sanctions
Section 39.112 – Board of Managers


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