Paid Family Leave

paid family leave

9 states fund their paid family leave through employee-paid payroll taxes and are administered through their respective disability or unemployment insurance programs:

California, Washington, Rhode Island,  New Jersey, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Oregon, Connecticut and New York

11 states have created state un-paid versions of family leave or maternity leave:

Oregon, Montana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, , Hawaii and Tennessee


  • Only 12% of U.S. private sector workers have access to paid family leave through their employer.
  • The federal family leave act only covers employers with 50+ employees within a 75 mile radius
  • Texas families have to sign up 6 months in advance to get childcare services


  • Create county-wide paid family leave program for workers who have worked at least 30+ hours a week in businesses with 10+ employees to take up to 4 weeks of paid job-protected family leave annually after 6 months of employment similar to Washington D.C.
  • Create state-wide paid family leave with benefit and job protection that provides 12 weeks of leave with 60% of your salary
  • Pass a ordinance/law requiring companies with 10+ employees to provide 6 weeks of unpaid family leave to workers who have worked at least 30+ hours a week after 6 months of employment
  • Paid family leave reduces the need for nursing home use and saves states money on medicaid


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Public Sector

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Port of Seattle joins other organizations, announces new paid parental leave plan

Austin to offer employees paid parental leave

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Cuyahoga County village offers six-month parental leave

Hennepin County approves parental leave for employees

Pittsburgh to consider giving its workers 6 weeks of paid parental leave

Pittsburgh city workers granted 6 weeks’ paid family leave under new policy Pittsburgh city workers granted 6 weeks’ paid family leave under new policy

Allegheny County to offer 6 weeks of parental leave

Why We Need Parental Leave for the Public Workforce

Minneapolis passes paid parental leave for city employees

Board approves paid parental leave for Pima County employees

Missoula County adopts new parental leave policy for new moms and dads

Multnomah County Adds Paid Parental Leave Policy for Employees

Ohio city now offering full-time employees six months paid leave after baby

Ferndale to give employees 12 weeks for parental leave

Fort Wayne Mayor Proposes Fully Paid Maternity Leave For City Employees

City of Cincinnati to offer paid parental leave to city employees

D.C. Government Workers Get Eight Weeks Of Paid Family Leave

The Tennessean – Nashville may adopt paid parental leave for Metro workers

Cobb city to vote on offering paid maternity leave

Wilmington City Council Member Darius Brown’s Paid Parental Leave Legislation is Approved by City Council

Keene Housing board OKs new paid parental leave policy

Business Journal – St. Petersburg sets paid parental leave policy, mayor calls on business to follow

Jupiter to consider paid family leave for employees

Seattle’s paid-parental leave proposed to extend to 8 weeks

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Some Missoula City Council members push for paid maternity leave

Durham County employees to receive raise to $15 an hour, paid parental leave

Cary considering paid parental leave for town employees

Summit County Council unanimously approves six weeks of paid parental leave for employees

Missoulian – Missoula approves six-week paid maternity leave for city workers

Lake Jackson approves paid parental leave

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Shoreline City Council approves supplemental paid family leave for City staff

Greitens OKs paid parental leave for some state workers

New parents at Port of Tacoma could get paid leave, if commission approves

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Warner Robins Council reverses on maternity leave

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Leon County Approves 6 weeks of Paid Parental Leave

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Mayor Curry Proposes Paid Parental Leave For City Employees

El Paso Times – Ordaz Perez proposes parental share leave pool for city workers

Beachwood seeks to be state leader in granting employees paid parental leave

Hamilton County’s Living Wage Torch-Bearer

New Orleans city workers now eligible for paid maternity, parental leave

Sonoma County, SEIU reach tentative deal that would provide employees 8 weeks of paid parental leave


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Council offers ‘additional’ paid leave after premature births

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