Open Records


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  • The public and private calendar could be available for the past 90 days at no charge. The appointment must include a minimum of time, location, who the meeting is with and general description of topics discussed.
  • Any correspondence on personal email accounts use for government communication will be included in any open records laws
  • Open records laws will apply to legislature staff regardless of employee classification
  • Emails could be available as long as they do not contain security information. Policy would have to be written so that language is concise, close any loopholes and providing clear guidance as to what is sensitive information.
  • Close loopholes for government contracting by requiring private companies to provide the same information as their public counterparts.
  • Open records laws should apply equally regardless if the state legislature is in session or not

Texas Constitution
Code – Government
Chapter – 551 Open Meetings
Chapter – 552 Public Information
Chapter – 554 Public Disclosure

Code – Penal Code
Chapter – 36 Bribery and Corrupt Influence

Code – Government Code
Chapter – 554 Protection for Reporting Violations of Law

NCSL – Penalties for Violations of State Ethics and Public Corruption Laws

NCSL – State Whistle Blower Laws

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Texas Tribune – Fired TCEQ Investigator: Law Firm Triggered Dismissal

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