Municipal ID

What is a Municipal ID Card?
In the United States, a city (or municipal) identification card is a form of identification card issued by a municipality, such as a city, rather than a state or federal government. Under federal law, cities may issue their own identification cards as they see fit, and do not have to consider the immigration or criminal status of an applicant before doing so.
Six Proposals for Protecting Public Safety and Improving Relationships Between Immigrant Communities and the City of New Haven

What is a Texas ID Card?
“To apply for your first Texas ID card, you must do the following:
Gather documents that verify your identity, U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status, Social Security Number and Texas residency. Complete the application. (This form is also available at all driver license offices.)
Apply in person at any driver license office and bring the required documents and fees”
Texas Department of Public Safety – Identification Card


  • Allow U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants to use the municipal id
  • Allow U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to use the municipal id
  • Allow U.S. citizens to use the municipal id
  • Minimum age to use a municipal id is 14 (similar to other major US cities)
  • Use billboards, local tv and radio to promote municipal id
  • Explore the possibility of different municipal id costs for youth and adults

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