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Mothers Milk Bank

Human Milk Banking Association of North America

PATH – Human milk banks may help save vulnerable babies

UNICEF – Breast milk banks are a sound investment in the health of Brazil’s premature babies

Universit of Michigan – Learning from Brazil’s success with milk banks

NBC – Brazil’s Maternal Milk Banks A Global Model

Inter Press Service – Breast Milk Banks, From Brazil to the World

BBC – India’s growing breast milk banking network

Validation of a Survey for Assessment of Human Milk Bank Promotion at Herculano Pinheiro Maternity Hospital in Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Orlando Sentinel – Florida gets Mothers’ Milk Bank in Orlando

Dominican Today – Brazil to help Dominican Republic set up human milk bank

NPR – Hospitals Bank ‘Liquid Gold’: Human Breast Milk

NPR – A Smartphone Gadget Pumps Up Breast-Milk Banks

Huffington Post – Brazil Slashes Child Mortality Rates With Breastfeeding, Milk Banks

Huffington Post – Mom Donated More Than 2,000 Ounces Of Breast Milk After Her Stillbirth

Huffington Post – What You Didn’t Know About Donor Milk

Wired – Liquid Gold: The Booming Market for Human Breast Milk

AZ Central – States weigh regulations for breast milk banks

Fox news – Chicago’s first breast milk depot officially opens

Slate – New York Medicaid May Soon Cover Donated Breast Milk for Preterm Babies

Texas Public Radio – Milk Bank Saving Preemies One Drop Of Donated Milk At A Time

Texas Public Radio – Here’s How Powdered Breast Milk Works

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