Marijuana Legalization

marijuana legalization



coming soon…


coming soon…


Salon – The 9 states where marijuana will be legalized last

USA Today – The next 11 states to legalize marijuana

Alternet – The Next 8 States That Could Legalize Weed Within the Year

CBS – Pennsylvania State House To Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana Next Week

Pew – Why Marijuana Businesses Still Can’t Get Bank Accounts

Pew – States Find You Can’t Take Legal Marijuana Money to the Bank

Truth Out – Public Banks Could Break the Impasse Over Marijuana Money

Wall Street Journal – Banks to be Allowed to do Business With Marijuana Dispensaries

Washington Post – Obama administration clears banks to accept funds from legal marijuana dealers

Think Progress – Colorado’s Pot Industry Shut Out Of Banks, Forced To Operate Entirely With Cash

Think Progress – Vermont Senate Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

New York Times – Marijuana Industry in Colorado, Eager for Its Own Bank, Waits on the Fed

Ballotpedia – Alaska Marijuana Legalization, Ballot Measure 2 (2014)

Ballotpedia – Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Question 2 (2016)

Ballotpedia – Colorado Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 64 (2012)

Ballotpedia – Arkansas Hemp and Marijuana Legalization Amendment (2016)

Ballotpedia – Maine Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2017)

Ballotpedia – Arizona Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act Initiative (2016)

Ballotpedia – Massachusetts Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Initiative (2016)

Ballotpedia – Washington Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, Initiative 502 (2012)

Ballotpedia – Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2016)

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