Individual Income Tax

individual income tax
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Texas Constitution:
Section 24 (A)
Personal Income Tax; Dedication of Proceeds. (a) A general law enacted by the legislature that imposes a tax on the net incomes of natural persons, including a person’s share of partnership and unincorporated association income, must provide that the portion of the law imposing the tax not take effect until approved by a majority of the registered voters voting in a statewide referendum held on the question of imposing the tax. The referendum must specify the rate of the tax that will apply to taxable income as defined by law.”

Section 24 (F)
In the first year in which a tax described by Subsection (a) is imposed and during the first year of any increase in the tax that is subject to Subsection (b) of this section, not less than two-thirds of all net revenues remaining after payment of all refunds allowed by law and expenses of collection from the tax shall be used to reduce the rate of ad valorem maintenance and operation taxes levied for the support of primary and secondary public education. In subsequent years, not less than two-thirds of all net revenues from the tax shall be used to continue such ad valorem tax relief.

Section 24 (G)
The net revenues remaining after the dedication of money from the tax under Subsection (f) of this section shall be used for support of education, subject to legislative appropriation, allocation, and direction.



Amend the Texas constitution so legislators may pass an income tax similar to 43 other states:

  • Require that there be a simple approval in both the house and senate to create an income tax
  • Require that there must be a simple majority in both the house and senate to raise the income tax
  • Repeal the text in the Texas constitution stating that income taxes be used to offset education

Use a state individual income tax to fund ideas such as but not limited to:




Texas Constitution
Code – Texas Constitution
Article – 8 Taxation and Revenue
Section 24 (A), (F), (G) – Personal Income Tax; Dedication of Proceeds


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