What’s affordable housing?

Housing policy is one of the main issues that local governments deal with. It encompasses several overlapping concerns. Making sure that everyone has a decent place to live is an important general priority. People are also interested in ensuring that economic diversity exists in specific cities, metropolitan areas, or neighborhoods. Last but not least, there is interest in maintaining specific communities and community ties without unduly displacing people.

The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to make housing decisions based on seven protected classes: race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap or familial status. While the federal law sets the minimum protections, states and localities can add additional protected classes.


  • It costs the city of houston taxpayers roughly $117 million annually to provide social services to evicted families
  • Prohibit the eviction of school employees, families with children and child care center workers from evictions during the school year
  • Amend the Texas constitution to allow for the speaker of the house and lieutenant governor to appoint 4 of the 7 members to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
  • Amend the Texas constitution to allow for municipal rent control ordinances
  • Amend the Texas constitution to allow for municipalities to pass ordinances prohibiting discrimination of source of income for housing vouchers
  • Reform the public input points so that legislators, home owners associations, local governments, tenants and the public all receive the equal amount of points
  • Security Deposit and Move in Fees:
    • Cap the security deposit for apartments within the city of Houston so that they are not more than 1 month rent similar to 16 other U.S. states
    • Allow renters signing a 6 month or longer lease to pay their security deposit in monthly installments
    • Cap move-in and monthly fees for apartments within the city of Houston for renters with service animals
    • Do a feasibility study and pilot study requiring renters to purchase private insurance for security deposits
  • Pass a credit check ordinance limiting the negative impact of incorrect credit checks on families ability to rent
  • Prohibit LGBT discrimination for housing similar to 21 other US states
  • Explore the possibility of using cooperatives as a solution to manufactured housing
  • Pass an ordinance prohibiting rent-bidding online platforms
  • Requires landlords to pay renters’ moving costs if they are evicted without cause or are forced to move because of a rent increase of 10 percent or more.
  • Require landlords disclose flood history
  • Require Landlords To Regularly Share Bedbug History With Tenants
  • Do a 1 year pilot study capping rent increases for low-income seniors to 2% annually similar to other US cities
  • Create a pilot program similar to New York City and the United Kingdom allowing tenants to have their monthly rent used towards their credit score
  • Eliminate or reduce the developer subsidy for luxury apartments and condominiums. This could lower real estate speculation and money laundering
  • Do a 1 year pilot study increasing fees based on percentage or length of stay for short-term-rentals (airbnb) inside the 610 loop to fund affordable housing
  • Do a 1 year pilot study on sealing eviction records older than 4 years for specific housing issues

Texas Constitution
Code – Local Government Code
Chapter – 214 Municipal Regulation of Housing and Other Structures
Section – 214.902 Rent Control
Chapter – 250 Miscellaneous Regulatory Authority of Municipalities and Counties
Section – 250.007 Regulation of Rental or Leasing of Housing Accommodations

Code – Health and Safety Code
Chapter – 388 Texas Building Energy Performance Standards

Code – Government Code
Chapter – 2306 Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Section – 2306.024 Board Members: Appointment and Composition

Code – Property Code
Chapter – 94 Manufactured Homes Tenancies

Code – Occupations Code
Chapter – 1201 Manufactured Housing

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