Nonprofits and Foreclosure  Mortgage to Lease



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Texas Constitution
Code – Property Code
Chapter – 51 Provisions Generally Applicable to Liens
Chapter – 52 Judgement Lien


Houston Chronicle – Should Texas loosen lending laws that shielded the state from foreclosures?

Kinder Institute – Mapping Eviction Judgments in Houston

Texas Observer – A High Price to Pay

Texas Observer – The Mortgage Paper Chase

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Reuters – Baltimore, Memphis file new Wells Fargo lawsuits

Baltimore Sun – Wells Fargo agrees to pay $175M settlement in pricing discrimination suit

Birmingham sues mortgage lenders, cites predatory practices

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Dallas Morning News – Major bill to rein in homeowners associations passes Texas Senate

Dallas Morning News – Texas Senate panel passes bill to safeguard military families against foreclosure

Houston Press – Reverse Mortgage Lenders May Be the Big Bad Wolf

Milwaukee County eviction proposal would let tenants reduce rent payments for defects

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