Credit Check

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Eliminate credit checks for public and/or private sector jobs

  • Eliminate credit checks for jobs based on job category and/or pay
  • Eliminate credit checks until after the first interview.
  • Eliminate credit checks until a conditional job offer is made


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The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods

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CFPB Takes Action Against Two of the Largest Employment Background Screening Report Providers for Serious Inaccuracies

Texas H.B. 449 – Relates to a limitation on the use by state agencies of credit information regarding certain job applicants.

National Partnership for Women and Families – Losing Ground: Unwarranted Credit Checks Create Barriers to Employment for Women

Section 319 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003: Fifth Interim Federal Trade Commission Report to Congress Concerning the Accuracy of Information in Credit Reports

National Law Review – Illinois Employers Can No Longer Use Credit Checks in Employment Decisions Under Most Circumstances

Washington Post – In New York, good riddance to a questionable hiring practice

Washington Post – How the careless errors of credit reporting agencies are ruining people’s lives

Colorado Becomes Latest State to Restrict Use of Credit Checks for Employment Purposes

Federal Trade Commission – In FTC Study, Five Percent of Consumers Had Errors on Their Credit Reports That Could Result in Less Favorable Terms for Loans

U.S. PIRG – Mistakes Do Happen: A Look at Errors in Consumer Credit Reports

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