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For Texas to meet the needs of a diverse and growing global economy we need a highly educated workforce. Creating a free state-wide community college for all will enable Texas to be competitive in the 21st century.

Creating free state-wide community college for the state of Texas would roughly cost $2 billion dollars annually and could be offset by closing loopholes and reinstating previous tax cuts that cost the state budget roughly $5 billion annually.

A smaller free state-wide community college with age and graduation date stipulations similar to Tennessee would cost roughly $34 million annually.


  • Roughly 10% of Texas students at community colleges don’t have access to federal student loan programs and are forced to use high interest for-profit loans or pay out of pocket
  • Texas families are not able to afford traditional student loans for reasons such as but not limited to: credit score, income, interest rates and financial knowledge.
  • Students are lured under false pretenses by for-profit universities to attend their programs as a “quick fix to get out of poverty.”
  • Students that attend for-profit institutions are 2-3 times more likely to default on their students loans.
  • Due to federal laws social security can be garnished to pay back student loans hurting current and future seniors
  • Federal student loans can be consolidated, but not refinanced
  • 30% of students have children but Houston Community College does not offer evening, weekend or drop-in childcare


  • Close corporate loopholes in the state sales tax
  • Reallocate some of the $800 million wasted on border security
  • Use the roughly $178 million from the Hazlewood Act set aside for children of veterans to create a free state-wide community college program
  • Publicly financed [free] state wide community college for all Texas residents after they have lived in the state after 1 year (regardless of age, high school graduation date, part time or full time enrollment, etc)
  • Recipients could be required to live and work full time in Texas for five years after earning a degree. Students who do not meet these requirements would have their aid converted into a loan. (similar to New York’s Bill A05098A)
  • Pre trial reform could save the state of Texas roughly $100 to $200 million annually
  • Create a city-wide free community college program similar to the city of seattle would cost a median home owner roughly $20 a month
  • Create a city-wide free community college program similar to the city of san francisco that would be funded by a real estate transfer tax
  • Offer free summer school to full time spring and fall students similar to other Texas community colleges


  • Publicly finance [free] 6 credits per semester (regardless of age, high school graduation date, part time or full time enrollment etc)
  • Charge the same tuition for repeated courses
  • Allow state appropriations for community colleges to be used to offset tuition and fees
  • Create a public bank to provide no fee, low interest student loans for undergraduate and graduate students similar to the state bank of North Dakota. (Student loans could only be used at public or non-profit institutions of higher education)

Texas Constitution
Code – Education Code
Chapter – 54 Tuition and Fees
Section – 54.2001 Continued Receipt of Exemptions or Waivers Conditional
Section – 54.341 Veterans and Other Military Personnel (Hazlewood Act)

Chapter – 56 Student Financial Assistance

Chapter – 130 Junior Collect Districts
Section – 130.003 State appropriation for public junior collect district
Section – 130.0034 Tuition for Repeated Courses
Section – 130.085 Tuition Exemption

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