• Families Can Expect to Pay 20 Percent of Income on Summer Child Care
  • Texas childcare costs more than many colleges’ tuition and mortgages
  • Houston charter schools lose 20-30% of teachers annually
  • Parents represent 30% of students at community colleges but only 35% of community college state-wide have on-site childcare
  • 46,000 Texas families are currently on the waiting list for subsidized childcare


  • Do a feasibility study on a county or city 24 hour childcare center for families in crisis
  • Create an on-site childcare at city hall for visitors and city employees
  • Create an on-site childcare at county and city courthouses for visitors and public employees
  • Create on-site childcare centers for teachers
  • Offer childcare for city and county employees when schools are closed but public employees have to work
  • Require developers to include on-site childcare centers in the city permitting process similar to Vancouver
  • Create a city-run pilot program partnering with local credit unions to offer low-interest childcare loans similar to New York City
  • Create a city-run program offering interest-free loans to city employees to pay for childcare costs similar to London
  • Build an on-site childcare at school district administration building. Similar to other school districts throughout the nation and Texas
  • Increase city funds to expand childcare services to evenings and weekends for university students
  • Increase breast feeding rooms at IAH and Hobby airports similar to other US cities
  • Do a feasibility study of building childcare centers at city parks similar to Singapore
  • Pass an ordinance banning non-refundable, wait list fees for childcare centers
  • Do a feasibility study on creating on-site, drop-in childcare at city hall and state legislature. 4 hours per visit, 8am to 6pm, $5 per hour. Similar to Scottish Parliament
  • Expand the current city-run free after school program After School Achievement Program
  • Require any major retail and grocery stores that receive tax incentives to have free on-site childcare for children ages 3 to 9
  • Require newly built or renovated city-owned building, privately owned restaurant, theater or retail store will have to provide at least one “safe, sanitary and convenient diaper changing accommodation” in each restroom available for public use

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