Child Welfare



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  • Close corporate loopholes in the state sales tax
  • Pay caseworkers more reducing turnover after 6 months
  • Reallocate some of the $800 million wasted on border security
  • Maintain up-to-date policies and funding for foster care for youth beyond the age of 18 (similar to 18 states)
  • Explore the possibility of monthly visits for at least 80% of foster youth (similar to 12 states)
  • Explore the possibility of a 24-hour rapid response to investigate claims of abuse or neglect (similar to 11 states)
  • Raise the gas tax to allocate proper funding for child welfare services
  • Explore the possibility of creating a state job creation tax credit that includes former foster youth


Texas Constitution
Code – Family Code
Chapter – 261 Investigation of of Report of Child Abuse or Neglect


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