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Local campaign finance reform is as essential as national reform

Bill Moyers – A Must Read: Jane Mayer’s ‘Dark Money’ Uncovers Hidden History of Billionaire Kochs

Bill Moyers – How the States Are Trying to Rein in Dark Money

Dissent Magazine – What Jane Mayer’s Dark Money Misses About Today’s Radical Right

Salon – The system is just this rigged: Dark money, Citizens United and the secret story of how big money stole our democracy

San Antonio Express News – ‘Dark money’ disclosure fight heading back to the Texas Legislature

Pro Publica – The Conservative Playbook for Keeping ‘Dark Money’ Dark

The Real News Network – IRS Failing to Regulate Dark-Money Political Spending

Brennan Center for Justice – Secret Spending in the States

Sunlight Foundation – State legislatures taking aim at dark money, disclosure

PBS – What’s the Future for Campaign Finance Reform?

Arizona Central – Roberts: Drive to stop dark money expansion dies

KUT – Why This ‘Dark Money’ Investigation Could Have a Ripple Effect on Texas Politics

Seattle’s Creative Campaign Finance Reform

Denver proposal aims to force disclosure of independent spending in elections as “dark money” trickles down

B.C. to ban corporate and union donations in municipal elections

Task force to recommend more disclosure for City Council campaign contributions

City Ethics, Campaign Finance Reform Delayed

Campaign finance for dummies: A guide to Texas election reporting rules

Atlanta City Council members say crack down on lobbyists needed

A year and a half after proposing to ban developer contributions, L.A. City Hall still hasn’t delivered

More Cities Want to Embrace ‘Democracy Vouchers’

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