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Questions – Free the Pill

There are lots of reasons to move a birth control pill over the counter. Unplanned pregnancy is a big issue in the United States –about half of all pregnancies are unwanted or mistimed. Here’s how moving a pill over the counter can help:

• Moving a pill over the counter could make it easier for more women to start using the pill and keep using it longer.

• It’s not always easy to find time for a doctor’s appointment. Moving a pill over the counter could keep women from having gaps in their birth control use since they wouldn’t need to schedule a medical visit to get or refill a prescription.

• A doctor’s visit can be expensive. Under the new health care law, insurance covers preventive health visits with no cost-sharing (i.e. a co-pay). But not all women have insurance, and there are also other costs related to an appointment, like for travel and child care. In a national survey of women, 1 in 5 said the cost of a medical appointment made it hard to get prescription birth control.

• Plus, the pill has other benefits besides preventing pregnancy. It reduces pain and heavy bleeding with periods, helps prevent acne and anemia, reduces the risk of certain cancers, and more.

• A study in the medical journal The Lancet showed that over the last 50 years the pill has prevented 200,000 cases of ovarian cancer and 100,000 deaths from the disease.

• Have you ever run out of pills on the weekend or forgot to bring them on a trip? Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a pack of pills as easily as getting toothpaste or aspirin?

Something with so many health benefits should be easy to get.


  • Allow birth control to be sold over the counter in Texas just like Oregon, Utah, Iowa, California and 100+ countries
  • If over the counter birth control is not possible we support the creation of a state wide Paid Maternity Leave insurance program just like 5 U.S. states and 120+ countries


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