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  • The federal 287g program does not pay for implementation, training, administrative, over-time or liability costs. This ultimately leaves county taxpayers on the hook for all administrative, over-time and potential lawsuits.
  • Prince William County, Va., had to raise property taxes and take from its “rainy day” fund to implement its 287(g) program. The county report found that it would cost taxpayers roughly $26 million over 5 years.
  • It cost roughly $5 million annually for some counties in North Carolina to maintain their 287g program
  • Before DHS revoked its 287(g) agreement with Maricopa County, Ariz., a series of articles in the East Valley Tribune found that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office created a $1.3 million deficit in just three months, much of it due to overtime.


  • Close sales tax loopholes and give a portion of the proceeds to counties to cover implementation and training
  • Close property tax loopholes so that counties are able to collect revenue to cover program costs
  • Create a state public bank to finance a portion of the costs


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